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Such favourites as The Wild Rover, Finnigan's Wake, Marie Mac, The old Dunn Cow and many more. Not previously released, professional CD quality recordings of some legendary "Gerry Nights". They capture the highly charged atmosphere of his live performances, especially the warm rapport he always established with audiences. They participate enthusiastically throughout more than an hour of Irish and Scottish traditional music, with contemporary favourites thrown in for good measure.

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The Nostalgia Tapes
Recorded in 2012 this CD includes eleven tracks of Gerry's original material. It was recorded in County Down and evokes some imagery of that beautiful land.

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Days Like These
Gerry O'Kane
Gearóid O Catháin
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Gerry has recorded some of the bed tracks for his upcoming album and is offering them to his fans to crowdfund this ambicious project. Ten tracks of both Gerry's original material and his traditional favourites are offered. A limited number of CD's are being made available to Gerry's fans for $20. The proceeds will help Gerry get some of the best musicians available in Ireland and Canada; also, executive producer Tom Newman best known for Tubular Bells.

Gerry is the only musician playing on this very special release.